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WOW! What an exciting day!

Today, Julia from Nature Safari came to visit Year 5 and 6 and we brought along a few of her friends.

There was:

Sullivan the Skunk

Ella the Chinchilla

Tex the Tarantula

Scar the Bearded Dragon

Loki the Millipede

Monty the Royal Python

And Hades the Black Beauty Stick Insect and his friends

We absolutely loved meeting these amazing creatures and we learned lots of interesting facts about them and other animals. We learned about what makes an animal suitable for its habitat and we were able to use this knowledge to help us identify which of Julia’s friends would live in a rain-forest.

HOWEVER, the best part of the entire day was when we were given the opportunity to hold these fascinating (and sometimes scary) creatures. We were all very brave (braver than some of the teachers!). Check out the pictures below of us enjoying cuddles with the critters!!