Its now Tuesday and in less than 48 hours all 7 checks have hatched. Joining Colin and Corn are….Cosmo, Clara, Camilla, Clio and Carol!

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We arrived at school this morning to find one of our 7 eggs had hatched over the weekend. Mrs Mitchell named it Colin and moved it under the heat lamp. We were delighted and amazed even later that morning another chick began to hatch. Luckily, we caught it on camera….. take a look!    …

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This week, Year 5 have had a new addition to their class. We have all loved meeting Hamlet the Hamster and some of us have even been able to have a cuddle and a stroke. He is still very shy and likes to hide in his bed, but he is getting to know us better…

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As part of British Science Week, children from Year 1 to Year 6 attended a STEM Fair! The aim of the fair was to allow the children to experience a range of careers linked to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The children got to talk to a range of volunteers, including: A marine engineer A…

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