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Today, we started our Shakespeare Festival experience and we met Ginny who is going to be our Shakespeare expert. Together we looked at our Acts and thought about the different ways that we could tell the story. It was very exciting and we all had a great day!

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On Tuesday, a fire and rescue officer visited Year 3! He spoke to us about how to stay safe and calm during a fire. This included: Keeping doors closed to prevent smoke and fire from travelling. Stop, drop and roll! How to call 999. Having an escape plan and many more ideas. We also learnt…

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This week we have been learning about Hamlet which is our chosen Shakespeare play for the Shakespeare Festival. After learning about Act 2, we used freeze frames to re-create the main parts of the story. Can you tell what might be happening in each of our freeze frames?

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We had a fabulous time dressing up as pirates and making pirate hats and flags.  We enjoyed our treasure hunt and pirate games.

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KS1 had a fantastic time at their Medieval Banquet this week. We enjoyed our dancing, telling jokes and our food – of course!

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