In science, we have been learning all about light. This week, we investigated light at shadows. We looked at how shadows change shape depending on how close the light is and at what angle. Before the investigation, we hypothesised that the closer the light was to the object then the larger the shadow would become.

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This week in Year 5, we have been learning about fractions and how to find equivalent fractions. So far, we have really enjoyed our fraction maths and cannot wait to learn more.

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We have finished our work learning about bears and celebrated by having a teddy bears picnic. The children wrote invitations and shopping lists. They even made their own sandwiches!       

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KS1 have had a fantastic few weeks learning all about instruction texts. They have learnt all about the features of instruction texts, they have followed instructions carefully and they have even written their own instructions after making jam sandwiches. Did you know, the tiger who came to tea loves jam sandwiches?

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In maths this week, children in Years 3 and 4 enjoyed making models of 3D shapes.  They used their knowledge of faces, edges and vertices to construct models, using clay and straws.

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Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 worked really hard to produce a superb Harvest Festival Celebration  for our families. The children were amazing and spoke clearly and confidently. They even did an encore of the Harvest Samba. Well done everyone!          

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On Tuesday, 3rd October, KS2 held their annual Harvest festival assembly. Each class had prepared a short presentation regarding the theme harvest which we then performed to our parents and adults who came to watch. Thank you to all who came for your time and support. Here our two of our favourite harvest songs for…

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Years 3 and 4 enjoyed the visit from the magician, Tom. Tom performed some magic tricks and talked about his life as a magician.

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