In science this week, we have been learning how light can be reflected to create a periscope. We had to be very accurate when cutting out the template. However, it was lots of fun experimenting with the periscopes and looking at things from below. We even tried to use the periscope through the Christmas tree.

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In year 5, we have been learning about Walter Tull and his role in World War 1! To enable us to write a biography, we have created a short video biography regarding his life. We have tried to recreate the classic TV show, This is your life… Here are our video biographies for you to…

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Hello there! School Council are currently in the process of designing posters to request old toys, figures, construction items and board games. We will shortly be collecting these and using them in school during break and dinner time. So keep watching for the posters on display in school. Thanks, School Council

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