Hello there! School Council are currently in the process of designing posters to request old toys, figures, construction items and board games. We will shortly be collecting these and using them in school during break and dinner time. So keep watching for the posters on display in school. Thanks, School Council

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We visited Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Tuesday, 28th November to learn EVEN more about endangered animals. It was such an amazing day. We saw lions, tigers, polar bears, lemurs, baboons, painted dogs and many more. Although it was cold day, it didn’t put us off exploring the park. We took part in a workshop and…

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This week, we have been learning about the Christmas Truce. We have done some beautiful art work which you will be able to see up on display in school shortly. We have also learnt the first part to Silent Night (Stille Nacht) in German which you can listen to below.

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This week in Science, we learned about how light travels in straight lines and how was can use mirrors to reflect light around corners. We had lots of fun reflecting light from mirror to mirror whilst trying to light up a figure.  

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