I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.

Maya Angelou

Hello and welcome to Year 1/2!

This year your children will be in one of three home classes; Y1S, Y1/2SR or Y1/2M

Your children will be registered in their home classes in a morning.

School begins at 8.50am (Doors open at 8.45) and finishes at 3.00pm. Please ensure children are collected at 3.00pm by an adult. If it is an adult not known to the class teacher, please let them know in advance.

Our morning routine is as follows:

  • Fifteen minutes to nine, doors open.
  • Pupils hang coat etc on peg.
  • Lunch bag, if children have brought one, to be placed on a table in the classroom.
  • Pupils to change reading book from ‘Browsing book’ shelf in the classroom if they have read at home. Please make sure you have noted in the reading diary when your child has read. Reading diaries are to be placed in the basket in the classroom on Mondays.
  • Book bag to go in personal drawer.
  • Children to sit on the carpet or at their table for the morning activity (this will be clear on the day).

After registration, we will move to our Phonics and Spelling groups. We have Literacy as part of our home classes but we change classes for Maths.

In the afternoon, children will be registered in their home classes and will stay in those classes for topic subjects.

On a Monday morning, children in both years will have music with Mr Howlett-Right who is a specialised music teacher from the Wickersley Partnership Trust.

On a Wednesday morning, children in Miss McDermott’s class have P.E. which is delivered by a trained PE teacher from the Wickersley Partnership Trust. Mrs Sprague and Miss Shelton’s class have their P.E. on a Thursday. Please make sure children have correct kit following the school’s PE policy.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be expected back into school by Wednesday so that teachers are able to look through it.

Our topic for this term, is ‘What would happen if nobody cared?’ Within this topic children will be finding out about animals around the world, particularly endangered species and how we can help them. We are very excited about the fun lessons that we have planned.

In KS1 we have been reading poems from Rumble in the Jungle. We have been highlighting interesting vocabulary and discussing it with our learning partners. 

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We can name the different continents in Geography. We are even learning about different animals that live in these continents.

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