The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW. The more that you LEARN, the more places you’ll go.
Dr Seuss

Hello and welcome to Year 5/6!

This year your children will be in one of three home classes; 5/6K, 5/6C or 5/6R!

Your children will be registered in their home classes in a morning. Please note that payments to the school must now be completed via parent pay and school cannot accept cash.

After registration, year 5s will either be in Mrs Lee’s or Miss Connell’s class¬† and year 6s will either be in Mrs Richard’s or Ms Kane’s class for Maths, Literacy, Reading and SPaG.

In the afternoon, children will be registered in their home classes and will stay in those classes for topic subjects.

On a Thursday afternoon, children will be in their home classes for PE which is delivered by a trained PE teacher from the Wickersley Partnership Trust. Please make sure children have correct kit following the school’s PE policy.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and will be expected back into school by Wednesday so that teachers are able to mark and feedback.

Golden assembly is on a Friday afternoon at 2pm until 2:30pm.

Our topic for this term is rain-forests with a focus on why rain-forests are important and why we need them. We have lots of exciting things to learn about including the different layers of the rain-forest, the climate and all the unique and interesting wild life that inhabits the rain-forests of the world. If your child would like to research this topic at home then this is very much welcomed and we will look forward to seeing anything extra your child has done at home.


WOW! What an exciting day! Today, Julia from Nature Safari came to visit Year 5 and 6 and we brought along a few of her friends. There was: Sullivan the Skunk Ella the Chinchilla Tex the Tarantula Scar the Bearded Dragon Loki the Millipede Monty the Royal Python And Hades the Black Beauty Stick Insect…

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