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As part of British Science Week, children from Year 1 to Year 6 attended a STEM Fair! The aim of the fair was to allow the children to experience a range of careers linked to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The children got to talk to a range of volunteers, including:

  • A marine engineer
  • A paramedic
  • An intensive care nurse
  • Bankers from Yorkshire Bank
  • An aerospace engineer
  • A STEM ambassador from Greencore
  • A medicines dispense/biochemist
  • A sign printer

During the fair, the children got to try on uniforms (we loved wearing the paramedic’s jacket and engineer’s gloves), learn lots about what different careers involve and ask questions.

We now know that paramedics work during the night whilst we’re asleep and that marine engineers use drones to check if ships are safe!

All of the children had a fantastic afternoon! Hopefully, it inspired some future mathematicians, scientists and engineers!