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It’s only our third week back and I am seeing some amazing learning across school. The children are taking great care with their work to ensure it always something they are proud of. We have had a magician visiting Year 3 / 4 and a story teller in Foundation Stage to inspire children with their learning.

Our Eid Party was a great success with many families attending. Thank you to all the families that celebrated with us.

Mrs Mason held the first school council meeting this week. Well done to all those who applied and to those who were voted in. You were all amazing. 

Platinum assemblies started today. A big congratulations to all those who have received platinum awards. Look out for ‘WOW’ cards coming home to celebrate your child’s achievements.

We have several new faces around school and would like to express a warm welcome to them all, in particular to Mrs Sharp in Y3 and Mrs Farmer in 1S. Our new apprentices are Miss Howe and Miss Reynolds. Our subject specialists are Mr Howlett-Wright who teaches music, Mr Bartle who teaches French and Mrs Saddington who teaches Drama. 

We have already won our first sporting competition. Well done to children in KS2 who won both the boys and girls Under 11’s football tournament