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It is lovely to see so many smiling faces today, all ready to tell us about the interesting things everyone got up to over the holidays.  This is my favourite term of the year and we have lots of activities planned for families and children, such as all the concerts, the Christmas Fayre, and Bingo night!

Some of you already know, I am a big fan of poetry and I came across the poem below recently which started me thinking a lot about our impact as a school and a community. The children in our community are so precious to us all. As a school, we look after the children in our care together in partnership with parents, families and neighbours.  We all work together to share our joint values and beliefs with our children. We help them develop strong roots which will help them grow up to be the best they can be. On our reception wall you will find a quote which says “The better the seed is planted and watered, the stronger and faster it grows.”

I think the poem below explains our values and why they are so important.

A life in your hands

If children live with criticism

They learn to condemn

If children live with hostility

They learn to fight

If children live with ridicule

They learn to be shy

If children live with shame

They learn to feel guilty

If children live with tolerance

They learn to be patient

If children live with encouragement

They learn confidence

If children live with praise

They learn to appreciate

If children live with fairness

They learn justice

If children live with security

They learn to have faith

If children live with approval

They learn to like themselves

If children live with acceptance and friendship

They learn to find love in the world.

Dorothy Law Holte

I’m sure I will see most families this half term, so stop me and tell me what you think about the poem and all the events which happen.