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This week, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the school! In order to this, Foundation  to Y6 are completing lots of lovely work around 2 books called, Only One You and You Be You.

Year 3 and 4  have  been working together to explore the books and their key messages. We have had a big discussion about what makes us special and unique. We thought about how we can stand out from the crowd and improve our lives. We have reflected on our past experiences and thought about key examples where we have chosen to embrace our individuality and be proud of who we are! Some of the children expressed that they are special because they have wonderful talents, such as playing basketball, football and being a gymnast! On the other hand, some children felt that their kindness, confidence and sense of humor makes them special.

As the book uses different fish to represent diversity, we have started to design our own fish and use a range of collage materials to decorate them. Some of our fish have eyelashes, strips, spots and even unicorn horns!

We have also started to write a poem that focuses on our special characteristics and qualities as wonderful individuals.

We’re having a lovely week so far and can’t wait to paint our pebbles on Thursday!