In year one, we have been finding half in lots of different ways. We found half of shapes, objects and amounts. Miss Bullivant even brought in a bunch of bananas to chop up. We found half of each banana and they all looked different.

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Miss Bullivant’s literacy group are learning about the seashore. Today we listened to the sound of the sea and talked about special seashore treasures.

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Since the weather was so lovely last week we all wanted to make the most of the sun. We had so much fun in the garden in F1 and even decided to go for a play on the big yard! Posted By: Foundation Stage

3S had a fantastic morning exploring and learning about space in a completely unique way. It was fantastic to see the planets and constellations up close in such a way! We thoroughly enjoyed every minute! Posted By: 3S

The children have been weighing and comparing objects. The children have been working well in teams. It was an all girl affair for the silver ticket winners. Well done girls! For Golden time, the children played with the sports equipment on the yard. A great time was had by all! Posted By: Foundation Stage