Willow Class (Y3/4)

willow class (year 3/4)

Welcome to Willow Class! Your teacher is Mrs Kane. 

We are excited to meet you and start Year 3/4 in September 2021. If you have any questions on starting school, please contact reception.

Meet your teacher
Mrs Kane

Hello! My name is Mrs Kane and I am your new teacher.

I always seem to be involved in some kind of production – so if you’re keen  on shows, performances and concerts, prepare to be dramatic. Reading is  another of my favourite things. You’ll find that I’m always very interested in  what you are reading and what you think about it. I also love writing and  hope to encourage you to feel the same. I’m looking forward to some  terrific topics, interesting investigations and awesome art! Outside of school I love the countryside and like to get out and about as  much as possible. I’m hoping we’ll do lots of outdoor learning next year.

This year’s main topics:

Autumn Term
Here Come the Vikings! Who were the Vikings and why did they come to Britain? What was it like to be a Viking? How did they become so powerful? How do we know?
We’ll learn about settlements and why people travel from their homelands.
We will be finding out about the science of Sound and how we hear things.

Spring Term
In the Desert: What is a desert? Where in the world are the biggest deserts? How do plants, animals and people survive there? How have humans changed deserts? How can special places be protected?
In Science, we’ll be learning about living things and their habitats (especially deserts!). We’ll also investigate plants and how they grow.

Summer Term
We’ll Meet Again: What was it like to be a child during World War Two? Why were children evacuated? How did people on the Home Front help the war effort? Who was Anne Frank and why is she important?
Our Science this term will be about Light and dark, shadows, reflections and how we see things.

Class Information

The school day starts at 8:50am with the classroom doors opening at 8:45am. Registration is at 9:00am and learning starts immediately after. The school day ends at 3:05pm and children will need to be collected by an adult from the classroom door.

If you would like your child to be collected from school by someone other than yourself, a form will need to be filled in to advise school who your child/children can leave with. Forms are available from the office or from the classroom.

Please ensure your child has a water bottle to keep in the classroom. This can be taken home every day and filled with fresh water.

Reading books and reading journals will be sent home daily, and it would be beneficial if children read at least 3 times at home during each week. Reading diaries should be kept up to date with a brief comment.

PE kits are to be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday.

Homework will be set every Friday and should be returned by the following Wednesday.

Spellings will be sent home every Friday and we will work on them throughout the following week.