Global Learning

Global Learning

We firmly believe that education and learning should offer pupils the capabilities to create a more just and sustainable world. We live in an interdependent and globalised world.

Collectively, we face a range of challenges: inequality and poverty, climate change, racial and religious intolerance. The future will pose new issues that we cannot yet predict but we endeavour to prepare our future generations to face these challenges with the knowledge and skills provided by our Global Learning commitment. We will meet these challenges through the power and creativity of an engaged school which is open to learning new ways of thinking and responding to a changing world.

In order to bring about change we need to learn about the global challenges we face, our interdependence and our power to positively effect change and contribute to the world.

Schools have a crucial role to play in meeting the learning challenges we face as a society. Whilst the challenges we face are urgent, they are also complex. To generate deep and sustained engagement pupils must have the capabilities to think deeply and critically for

themselves, rather than being encouraged into the ‘right’ behaviours. Fostering critical and creative thinking not only prepares children and young people for the work place, it also allows pupils to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills to lead and sustain change in our society and effectively respond to new challenges.

Our school commits to Global Learning through…..

  • Lessons as global learning is weaved in all curriculum areas
  • Assemblies
  • Visitors from fair trade groups, local Coop or council etc…
  • Community events
  • School council
  • Residential trips

*based on Development Education Association’s Global Learning Charter.