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Welcome to our Website!

May I take this opportunity to welcome you to the Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School website. The staff and I hope this will mark the beginning of a long and happy relationship with our school.

During your child’s career in school we will endeavour to re-create the security and care that you have already given them in the home. We regard you as the first and most important educators of your child and we want to build on the experiences you have already provided.

We believe that it is important to have high expectations of behaviour and attainment, which will help your child to be successful not only in school but throughout their life. We also believe in engaging your child in a curriculum which is innovative, exciting and takes learning from the head to the heart.

I hope this website will give you an insight into how the school works, what will be expected of your child and how we can work in partnership to provide the best possible education for your child.

We regard you as active partners in the development of Brinsworth Whitehill and value your interest and support.

Mrs Oxborough

Working together, Learning together, Achieving together


3 hours ago
The children in Y1LH have been very busy this week making belts and necklaces out of wool and leaves. It involved a lot of concentration and excellent threading skills. brinsworthwps photo
3 hours ago
With Me In Mind has created a survey for parents to complete to get their opinions on what support they would like for both them and their children’s mental health and wellbeing. Click on the link below to view the newsletter and to complete the survey.
brinsworthwps photo
8 hours ago
Mrs Peach’s literacy group are learning all about planting and growing. Today, we have planted some cress seeds and we are having a competition to see who can grow the tallest! brinsworthwps photo
2 days ago
What a great science lesson today in Y3/4H finding out about gravity. We even had a couple of superstars asking some fantastic questions to get us all thinking. Well done! brinsworthwps photo
2 days ago
Mrs Hanson is so impressed with the children in her SFA group today. We did some great detective work to find lots of interesting information out about what lives beneath the ocean. We are looking forward to finding out even more tomorrow! brinsworthwps photo
4 days ago
Wow! What an amazing week from our ‘Whitehill Wonders’. You are all superstars! 👍🏻🌟 #whitehillwonder #superstars #proud brinsworthwps photo