Covid-19 Policies & Information

School Policies

At Brinsworth Whitehill Primary School we have a wide range of school policies which are formulated and approved by the governing body.

Paper copies of all policies are available from the school office.

School uses Equality Impact Assessment (EIA) as a tool to help make sure our policies, and the way they carry out their functions, do what they are intended to do. Carrying out an EIA involves systematically assessing the likely (or actual) effects of policies on people in respect of disability, gender, including gender identity, racial equality and, wider equality areas. This includes looking for opportunities to promote equality that may have previously been missed or could be better used, as well as negative or adverse impacts that can be removed or mitigated where possible. If any negative or adverse impacts amount to unlawful discrimination they will be removed.

When policies are approved the Governing Body considers Strands and factors as a prompt.


All decisions and policies created are based upon the involvement and consultation of staff/ SLT and WPT, to ensure we eliminate any discrimination, on all levels.