School Council

School Council

Our school council help to raise funds and make important decisions. School Council is made up of parents and children from every class. We meet every term and have a meeting around a huge table. 

This year, we have done the following…
  • Met the Mayor of Rotherham and had a tour of his parlour
  • Raised money for the Lord Mayor’s Charities, Brinsworth Eco Warriors by completing a Smartie Challenge (saving up spare coins into a Smartie tube!)
  • The Great Brinsworth Bake – Off – Over 36 cakes were brought in by parents and children. The Mayor and Mayoress came to judge the cakes – they thought they were delicious!
  • Art Gallery – every child in school learnt about an artist and produced their own piece of art that was inspired by them. We then sold them in our art gallery. We raised lots of money.

What a school council do?
A school council does a number of things:

  • The school council meets every half term to discuss and sort out problems. These may include things such as, behaviour and rewards of pupils and ideas for fundraising events.
  • Members of the school council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning an activity, writing an article, or meeting with Mrs Oxborough to share ideas.

What is a school council?
A school council is group of students who are elected by their class to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our school.

Each year, every class will elect either 2 representatives to be members of the school council and they will then receive their purple hoodies.

What makes a good one?
A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done.

These are some things that make a council effective:

  • regular meetings
  • good communication between representatives and their class
  • smaller groups (subcommittees) working on specific events or issues