Sycamore Class (Y5/6)


To class y5/6

Meet your teachers

miss connell

Most of you already know me from TT Rockstar assemblies or from your time in year 5, but I am Miss Connell and you will be in Sycamore class!

I enjoy teaching all subjects in UKS2 and I am excited to share with you all the fun and exciting topics that Mrs Dobson and I have planned.

I am also an avid reader and love to hear about the interesting books that you have read or are reading. I love to read with my class and cannot wait to share some of my favourite books with you.

Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with my family. I have 2 dogs and I often spend my free time on walking adventures with them. In my spare time, I also enjoy gaming, watching wildlife documentaries (especially David Attenborough ones) and travelling the world to find new and exciting places. I can’t wait for the new school year to start and to get to know you all better!

Mrs thomson

Hi, I’m Mrs Thomson, some know me as ‘Mrs T’. I have worked in school for many years and loved every minute!

I love to sing (but am not very good) feel free to find me and we can share a tune on the yard. I like to share a joke or a story and enjoy a good chat anytime. Arts and crafts, anything creative is my thing. I’m excited to meet my new class and look forward to seeing you soon.

Class News

Y5/6 Art Class

Y5/6 have been planning their final piece of art. The artist Jimoh Buraimoh is a Nigerian painter, who is famous for painting masks using patterns

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Y5/6 Create Themes

Y5/6 – have been creating their own theme and variations by exploring different ways of playing a theme in relation to pop art.

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