“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

French Stories with Y3/4

Children in year 3/4 listened and repeated the story Le Navet Enorme ( The Enormous Turnip.) After learning new vocabulary, they played a game of OXO (noughts and crosses) where they had to read a vocabulary card and then mark it off correctly on the IWB. 

Budding Authors Head Teacher Award

Headteacher’s award for these budding authors! So proud of these Year 6 girls who have produced some outstanding writing this week! #whitehillwonders

Future Careers Star

One of our amazing Y5 pupils wants to be a speech therapist when she leaves school, so today she met with our speech therapist to talk about the role. She asked lots of questions and made links to her learning about what areas will help her in her future career. What a superstar! #whitehillwonders

Colorful Art with Y1

Children in Year 1 used bold, vibrant colours to capture the colours the artist Romero Britto uses in his work. The children sketched out their favourite images and shapes, then used black pen to outline their designs. Finally, they began to flood fill with colour. What amazing, talented children we have! Feeling very proud. #whitehillwonders 

Golden Time Group – Engineering

In Golden Time, children in year 5/6 have been busy constructing a large scale model. Working as a team, they have split the instructions and have been making small parts in smaller groups before combining all the pieces. To do this, children have had to follow instructions carefully and work as team to ensure that […]

F1 Number Learning

F1 have been reading the Bad Tempered Ladybird. They have been recognising numbers and matching them to the correct number of ladybirds.

Whitehill Wonders

Our Whitehill Wonders continue to go above and beyond, impressing everyone in school! ????????

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