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Times Tables



Guidance for family adults: before they learn to chant times tables, children need to understand what times tables actually mean. Help them by making pictures by drawing objects in sets like this:

0x2 =0  (draw nothing and explain you have no sets, saying “zero”, “none”)

1×2=2 (draw a set of 2 cars – explain 1×2 means one set of two and count them in twos saying “two”)

2×2=4 (draw a set of 2 cars, and another set of 2 cars – explain 2×2 means two sets of two, count “two, four”)

3×2-6 (draw 3 sets of 2 cars, – explain 3×2 means three sets of two, count “two, four, six”)

and so on, always counting in twos….

You can draw any objects that interest your child. Repeat for all timestables, changing the number of objects in the set i.e. three objects in each set for three times tables, four objects for four times tables and so on. If you are unsure, please ask your child’s teacher for help.

Click here for times tables 1 minute challenge tests!

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