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Welcome to ‘Whitehill Extra’ – the home of virtual extra-curricular activities for students

On this page, you’ll find lots of fun and interesting activities, challenges and more! Click the buttons below to view the virtual subject related activities!

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Take part in our summer reading challenge. Find out more at


Find an online book to read by visiting:


Visit the Natural History Museum by following this link:


Have a go at some of the phonics games on https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/
Can you create your own poster using some of the sounds you have learnt? Make a sounds trail through your home for your family to follow, saying the sounds and reading the words. Send in your pictures to Mrs Oxborough at coxborough@brinsworthwhitehill.org
Good luck!
Visit the Great Barrier Reef Virtual Tour
Find out about science by visiting…


Calling all budding astronauts – visit NASA as part of a virtual tour:


If there are any future politicians out there take a look around the White House:


Explore what it is like in the Houses of Parliament: