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Bonfire night

This week there has been lots of talk about all the fireworks we’ve seen outside while we’ve been at home. We’ve discussed all the important things to remember if we go to a bonfire night and how to stay safe. Once we looked at all the different fireworks, we thought about the different foods you might see at a bonfire and our favourite was definitely chocolate apples! We spoke about how to get the hard chocolate around the apple, then we had the great idea to melt it! We had to get a grown up to melt the chocolate as we didn’t want to burn our fingers, once we had the melted chocolate we thought the best way to cover the apples would be to dip them in a bowl and turn them around. Just to finish off we thought sprinkles would make the perfect addition.

I’m sure you’ll agree, they look delicious!

Brinsworth White-01

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