Year 6 Residentials

Year 6 Residentials

It’s a big day for our Year 6s today as they head off to start secondary school. 

Last week, as a last get-together the students took part in the Year 6 residential. This saw them getting stuck into paddle sport activities including kayaking, canoeing and rafting at Ulley Country Park!

The students had lots of fun and it was a great way to create some lasting memories before their next steps. 

A big thank you to Wickersley Partnership Trust for organising and hosting the residentials.

Get ready for September. Apply now for a MegaTravel Pass.

Get ready for September. Apply now for a MegaTravel Pass.

Cheaper travel is available for all under 16s living in South Yorkshire with a MegaTravel Pass. MegaTravellers can travel in South Yorkshire for a single fare of 80p per journey on buses or trams. They can also buy discounted 1, 7 or 28 day tickets, which are loaded onto the pass, which might be cheaper if they travel regularly. Under 16s travelling without a valid pass may be charged full fare, so even if your pupils are not travelling on public transport right now, we’re encouraging early application so they’re ready to go in September. The pass proves a child is eligible to travel for the concessionary fare on public transport in South Yorkshire.

Instructions on how to apply for a MegaTravel Pass are available at

Welcome Back, Year 6!

Welcome Back, Year 6!

Last week we were so excited to welcome back our first batch of Year 6 students!  Here is what they had to say about coming back to school.  

At first, I was a little bit nervous to come to school but I was also really excited. I was worried about the social distancing and I was worried about who was going to be in my class. Now, I really love coming to school. I am really happy to be in a class with my friends. I am also happy to be part of 'The Chocolate Donkeys'. I love the teachers that I am with.


On Sunday, I was really excited to come back to school to see all my friends since I haven't seen them in 10 weeks. Although I was excited, I was still a bit nervous. Now I have come to school, I really enjoy it! We are called 'The Chocolate Donkeys'. We do lots of fun activities and all come home with a smile on our faces.


On the SUnday before I came back to school, I felt excited to see my friends again but I was also very nervous because I didn't know what to expect. Now we are back at school, I don't feel trapped because I'm not inside my house all of the time and I feel happy to be with all of my friends. I am proud to be part of 'The Chocolate Donkeys'!


On the night before school, I was nervous and excited at the same time. I was nervous because I did not know how it was going to go but I was excited to see all of my friends again. Now I am at school, it is fun that I can talk to some of my friends but we can't get closer than 2 metres. We are still playing fun games and we created a name for our class. We named it 'The Chocolate Donkeys'.


I felt excited on Sunday before school as I would see some of my friends. But I was also nervous because it would be a lot different. School is amazing as we have not had to be reminded about social distancing and we are all positive. I am proud to be a 'Chocolate Donkey'.


At first, my stomach was in knots until I realised I had been isolated from my friends and the whole world for 2 months. I was petrified of going. Now I am no longer scared of coming. I got used to the atmosphere and we made a team of seven people called 'The Chocolate Donkeys'. I am proud and happy


Sunday night before school I was excited but I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know who was coming and if my friends were in my class. I was excited because i havent seen my friends in ages so i was happy to see them. Now I am here, it is great! We still have to stay 2 metres apart but we have been doing fun things like making ourselves out of sticks and woodland games.