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10 Things to do before Easter


1. Learn how to put my coat on and fasten it up.
2. Learn to count and identify numbers to 5.
3. Learn how to take turns when playing a game.
4. Learn how to draw big circles and small circles.
5. Learn as many nursery rhymes as you can.
6. Learn how to use a knife and fork at lunch and teatime.
7. Learn how to ride a bike or a scooter.
8. Learn how to cut using scissors.
9. Learn all about your family.
10. Learn how to talk about how I am feeling eg happy/ sad/ excited/ scared.


1. Find 3 rhyming pairs in your house. (Challenge – write them down or draw a picture).
2. Count and identify numbers to 10. (Challenge – to 20 and write the numbers).
3. Throw and catch a ball to someone in your house 10 times without dropping it. (Challenge – count how many times you can catch it without dropping and write that number down).
4. Plant a flower bulb or seed, think about what it will need to grow. (Challenge – Write down the steps you did).
5. Read a book and look at the pictures to guess what might happen next. Talk about the story and your favourite parts, the characters and the setting. (Challenge – use or draw pictures to order  the story after you have read it).
6. Help to make lunch or dinner at home. (Challenge – count out all the ingredients you need and write them down).
7. Find 4 things to order by length, use the language of longer, shortest, longest etc. (Challenge – can you order by weight and capacity?)
8. Cut shapes out using scissors to create a collage. (Challenge- use different materials and textures for your collage).
9. Find out your all of your family’s favourite things – food, colour, song etc. (Challenge – write their names and their answers down).
10. Draw a picture of how you are feeling every day for 1 week. (Challenge – Can you describe the emotion and talk about how many days you were feeling this way?)


1. Create a bunch of flowers using art materials.
2. Make a birds nest.
3. Design and make a bookmark.
4. Make boiled egg and soldiers.
5. Plant a flower bulb – list instructions.
6. Make an Easter bonnet.
7. Go on a nature hunt, what shapes can you see outside?
8. Write a story about a spring lamb.
9. Make Cornflake/rice Krispie buns – can you make them look like nests?
10. Draw a front cover for a book ( can already exist or design your own).


1. Create a bunch of flowers using art materials
2. Make a birds nest
3. Write a book review about your favourite book
4. Make boiled egg and soldiers
5. Plant a flower bulb – list instructions
6. Make an Easter bonnet
7. Go on a nature hunt, what shapes can you see outside?
8. Write a story about a spring lamb
9. Make Cornflake/rice Krispie buns – can you make them look like nests?
10. Boil an egg and design a character on the shell – Make it Eggcellent!


1. Make a new year’s resolution and write it down. Show the ways you have tried to achieve it. For example: have you tried to exercise more? Have you decided to help more around the home?
2. Design an animal of your own that has all the features required to survive in the desert. Label your animal and describe how the features will help it in its environment.
3. Draw around your hand and add detail to make it look like a cactus. Can you decorate the pot with a repeating pattern?

4. Make a list of people who are important to you with the reasons why. Can you think of something they have done for you that made you feel happy?
5. You’ve gone on holiday to the Sahara Desert! Send a postcard home. Remember there is a picture on the front and writing on the back.

6. Make a desert shoebox-using card, playdoh, sand, paint… Try to make it look like a desert we have learnt about at school.
7. Design a game to help people to learn their multiplication tables – think carefully about how many players can play and what the rules would be.
8. Draw a map of your route to school. How much detail can you include? Label your map and make a key.
9. Garden explorer! Go outside and find all the signs of Spring. Can you see any minibeasts? Make a collection of interesting objects and write a report about your expedition.
10. Make an Easter card. Can you include a pop-up or lift-the-flap detail?


1. Write a biography/fact file about David Attenborough
2. Make a table of positive and negative impacts by humans on the environment in your local area.
3. In the style of Joe Wicks (see Youtube) create an aerobic routine lasting no longer than 5 minutes. We might use these in class!
4. Create a shoebox model of a rainforest. (Challenge Label the features and add animals that you would find in this habitat).
5. Create an animal that would survive in a rainforest. Think about adaptations you have already learnt about in the Autumn term.
6. Investigate materials around your home that are reflective. (Challenge Can you order them from most to least reflective?)
7. Record how much water your family uses in a week if a bath = 80 litres and a 5 minute shower = 75 litres.
8. Calculate how old you are in months, weeks and days. (Challenge Can you calculate your age in hours, minutes and seconds? What about an older relative?)
9. Design a healthy snack, which would give you lots of energy if you were to go on an adventure in the rainforest. (Challenge Can you make your healthy snack?)
10. Use the five senses to creatively describe the setting of a rainforest.



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