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Shape Puzzle


This is a net for a cube.

How many different ways can you draw a net for a cube? Draw the different nets in your homework book.



Eight folding patterns are scattered around a triangular prism as shown in the illustration. Determine all those patterns which form a prism, when folded along the lines. No parts should overlap each other. Answer in your homework books.


Sally and Ben went outside the school to draw some very large shapes on the tarmac. None of the shapes they drew shared any sides with any other shape – they were all drawn separately although some small shapes were inside larger shapes. The children each had a box of ten sticks of chalk. Each stick drew 10 metres before it was quite worn away. They both drew shapes with all sides one metre long.


Sally drew squares and octagons, sixteen shapes altogether, and used up all her chalk.

How many of each shape did she draw?

Ben drew triangles, hexagons and squares. He drew 20 shapes and still had two sticks of chalk left. How many of each shape did he draw? Show all working out and answers in your homework book.

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