“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Whitehill Wonder

One of our F1 superstars has raised £195.00 for a leukemia charity by dressing as a superhero with his mini athletics club. This was the highest amount raised in Sheffield and Rotherham. The total amount raised was £2,400. As a reward, he received some chocolates which he shared with his classmates. He truly is a […]

With Me In Mind: Virtual Parents Workshops

With Me In Mind are offering virtual parents’ workshops throughout the summer holidays. These workshops are open to parents of children transitioning up to secondary school and aim to support parents to understand more about the worries that some children may experience when moving up. Workshops will be delivered via Zoom and last approximately 45 […]

Y3/4H Create WW2 Fact Files!

Today the children in Y3/4H completed and presented their amazing fact file posters on the allied and axis powers of World War 2. They shared fascinating facts and produced some great work.

Battle of Britain 💥

3/4S had a fabulous time learning about the Battle of Britain. They found facts about Britain and Germany and then worked together in groups to sort the statements into the correct country. Fabulous teamwork!

Outside Fun!

Y3 & 4 had a great time outside today playing with the new equipment. Some children were playing giant connect four and others were den building. So much fun and such a lovely day.

Cross Hatching Skills

Miss Beaty is so impressed with the progress children in UKS2 have demonstrated with their cross hatching skills!

Talent Pianist

Our World Music Day assembly featured a very special piano performance from this talented musician!

Brinsworth White-01

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