“We aim to send all young people into an ever-changing world able and qualified to play their full part in it.”

Fractions with Oak Class

This week in Maths, Oak class have started looking at fractions. They have been finding a half of different objects and shapes. They have even helped Miss Beevers share a picnic with super Ted by halving amounts. ????

Numbots Day 🔢

Holly class have had a great Numbots day! The children came in amazing outfits – we were very impressed with your creativity! The children completed lots of maths activities and they loved using the Numbots app.

3/4S Make 3D Shapes!

Mrs Sharp’s maths group loved making 3D shapes out of straws and plasticine today. They made cubes, cuboids and square based pyramids. One child even set himself the challenge of making a triangular prism! We then counted how many faces, vertices and edges the shape had.

1/2H Mazy Maths!

1/2H have been looking at position and direction in Maths. We had to instruct our friend through a maze using the correct terminology. It was tricky but we had lots of fun!

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