F1 Half-Term Review: Celebrations and Toys!

F1 Half-Term Review: Celebrations and Toys!

Our topic this half term has been all about festivals and toys.

We have learned all about Bonfire night and why we celebrate it. We listened to the sounds that fireworks make and had a pretend bonfire where we enjoyed hot dogs and hot chocolate.

We produced firework and bonfire pictures using different media.

During November we learned about the Hindu festival of Diwali. The children made their own Diva lamps to celebrate the festival of light.

The children also created their very own Rangoli patterns using atelier.

As part of our topic about Toys the children drew pictures of teddy bears. They are fantastic.

We have played in the toyshop selling different types of toys.

We have enjoyed trying to free different toys from the ice.

We are now learning all about Christmas. We know why we celebrate Christmas and what people do when it is Christmas time.

Merry Christmas Everyone!