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Learning is fun!

Apple Testing On Farm Day, all KS1 children tasted different types of apples. Some tasted sweet, some tasted sour and some children found that they had a new favourite. Scary costumes and scary children! Fun with maths and numicon Odd Socks Day

Odd Socks Day!

Today we all came in odd socks! Mrs Sharp even joined in with the fun! We discussed how we are all unique and watched the song about Odd Sock Day and respect. The children shared their thoughts about how to be respectful and listened carefully to their friends. Well done everybody!  

Odd Socks Day!

In 1/2KR today, we wore odd socks to raise awareness of anti-bullying week. We also had a very special assembly by Kirsty and Buddy from the NSPCC who taught us all how to keep safe and what to do if we are feeling sad and others are being unkind to us.

Anti-Bullying Week

Today for anti-bullying week we all chose to wear odd socks to show our support. We spoke about what we could do to be a good friend, we thought sharing, being kind, listening and giving hugs were important things to make a good friend. We had so much fun looking at all the different patterns […]

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