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In Geography, we have been learning all about deforestation – linked to our topic on fairy tales. We are becoming experts on this topic! We started our learning journey by looking at world maps and exploring forest coverage in different continents (using positional language such a north, east, south and west). We also compared forest coverage from the past with present day. Shockingly, we learned that forests are quickly decreasing because the land is required for different uses. We used the iPads to research how deforestation is carried out and the impact this process has on animals and humans. Did you know that animals are losing their habitats due to deforestation and becoming more vulnerable to predators? Also, we have discussed different strategies to prevent deforestation and used the iPads to create posters to promote these.  Recently, we talked about different views on deforestation. We felt that loggers would support deforestation as it helps them make a living, so they can support their families. On the other, we thought a tribe member would not support the process as they lose their homes and food sources!

Please try to recycle paper more often, eat less fatty food and most important, plant some trees!

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